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Tombstones can be found in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, Fable II and Fable III. They sometimes contain humorous messages but other times they are too worn-out to read. They often contain references to films and video games in popular culture. Listed below are some examples of tombstone notes found throughout Albion.

  • "You're standing on my head."
  • "I got through life before you."
  • "Ted Timmins. Ninety-nine per cent dead."
  • "You're squishing my delicates. Stand somewhere else."
  • "You've travelled to the future and this is your grave. Just kidding."
  • "Meredith Sock. Your novels suck."
  • "Avram Fearnside. Horrible bastard."
  • "Chris Knott. Made into sausages."
  • "Here lies a man once called Ned. Now more properly called dead."
  • "Here lies Mini G. One too many cups of tea."
  • "Fierce Glenda. The bits the troll spat out are here."
  • "Tiny William. Your heart was bigger than your sword."
  • "Willow Widowmaker. You made your wife one in the end."
  • "Here lies the Sandgoose. Loved by all. Seen by none."
  • "I Lovett down here."
  • "Julian Thomas. Eaten by a giant python."
  • "Here lies Pete, who loved his meat, a feast for worms, his flesh they eat."
  • "Thank you. And goodbye."
  • "D.Carter, ever unconvinced there is life before death."
  • "Mr. K. Dunn. Dead. At 2 gold per word, that's all you get."
  • "Anyone want to swap places?"
  • "Thank you for reading this grave. Now bugger off."
  • "I'm dead. Happy now?"
  • "Study in decomposition."
  • "Here lies Kenneth Nin. Now available for children's parties."
  • "Many thanks for wiping your feet."
  • "No man can hold his breath for ten minutes."
  • "What you lookin' at?"
  • "R.I.P. Dan Smith. Killed by the legendary Varsity Troll."
  • "Look behind you!"
  • "For sale"
  • "Dampy. His heart stopped pounding."
  • "It's too dangerous to go out alone. Take this." - If you dig on this grave, you get a toy sword, in reference to The Legend of Zelda.
  • "In Loving memory of Arnold. He wont be back." - This is a reference to The Terminator.

Some tombstones have dig spots under them. For example the player must dig up the key from Giles in the Red Harvest quest in Fable II.

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