Fable Tofu

Tofu, as it appears in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters.

Tofu is food that you can buy from most shops in Fable, Fable II, and Fable Anniversary. If you eat it, it will give you good points. This food will not affect your weight unlike some other foods. In Fable II you will also gain purity points, the amount depending on the quality. In Fable III it's a bit more rare, you can buy it from the food shop at the Eco-Warrior Settlement in Mourningwood, and it will reduce your weight.

Fable II Tofu TypesEdit

In Fable II, there are different types of Tofu. These are:

Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity Morality Base Value
Fermented Tofu 1star This rancid curd is supposedly a delicacy in some parts of Albion. It's covered in sticky slime and has the complex yet playful aroma of a dumpster in July. 20 5.0 5.0 9
Mushy Tofu 2stars On its way out, but still nutritious and cleansing. 40 10.0 5.0 14
Silken Tofu 3stars Though a tactile delight for the tongue, and healthy gift for your body neither will get much taste from this tofu. 80 15.0 5.0 23
Organic Tofu 4stars The food of choice for hippies everywhere. 160 20.0 5.0 38
Holy Tofu 5stars Coagulated and pressed in holy water, but the flavour is nothing special. 320 25.0 5.0 66


  • The description of Fermented Tofu, particularly the second sentence, is a reference to "Steve, Don't Eat It!" and his take on natto.

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