FableII Toby Trotter
Toby Trotter
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bloodstone
Relationships Sister Beverly (associate)
First Appearance Fable II - T.O.B.Y.
Last Appearance Fable II - Westcliff Development (mentioned)
Status Alive (if good)
Dead (if evil)
"We will transform this lawless town. All it takes is a little faith."
— Toby Trotter

Toby Trotter is a character featured in Fable II. He is a con artist and the founder of the Temple of Benevolent Yokels, based in Bloodstone. Toby is a greedy and unclean figure, and a fairly transparent fraud.

The Hero of Bowerstone first encounters him after overhearing him talking about cleaning up Bloodstone with "Sister" Beverly, thus starting the T.O.B.Y. quest. Upon meeting with him, Toby claims that a criminal gang, the "infamous Silver Serpent", is responsible for the problems in Bloodstone, and enlists the Hero's help in obtaining "valuable artefacts" (the Mutton of Eternal Hope, Sacred Pie of Kindness, and Wine of Forgiveness) in order to perform a ritual to "cleanse" Bloodstone of the Silver Serpent.

Once the sacred artefacts have been brought to him, he orders the Hero to bring him a prostitute, a "lost soul" that he needs to save, and then tells the Hero to wait outside. While waiting, a stranger approaches and informs the Hero that Toby is a con artist. He mocks the Hero, referencing many of the lies that Toby used. The Hero then knocks on the door until Toby answers, whereupon the choice must be made to either scare him out of town or kill him.

Trivia Edit

  • He was voiced by Vas Blackwood.
  • Toby's full name is given by Barnum, who mentions him during the Westcliff Development quest.
  • Toby's surname, Trotter, may be a reference to Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter from the BBC series Only Fools and Horses, in which Del is a trader who usually cons people into buying his faulty merchandise. Toby's voice actor, Vas Blackwood, also appeared in one episode of the show as Lennox Gilbey.

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