Titus the Mutilator, Part II, is a play written by Philipth Morley and is the third of three plays performed by the Hero of Brightwall, during the quest Missing Play in Fable III. It is regarded as being "Morley's notoriously violent historical epic." The scene that the Hero performs is set in the gladitorial arena in Act V, which depicts the demise of the eponymous character at the hands of savage warriors seeking revenge. Ransom Locke holds it in such high esteem that he calls it "the greatest role of your [The Hero's] life."

Notable CharactersEdit

  • Titus - The protagonist/antihero. He is a famous murderer who has killed and mutilated many people, includng the son of the leader of the savage warriors.
  • Ace Hartstrum - The leader of the savage warriors, seeking revenge for the deaths of loved ones. Ace is seeking revenge for the death of his son at the hands of Titus.

Passage from the play, performed in "Missing Play"Edit

Ace Hartstrum: Titus! Thy pox membered body shall pay for thy monstrous villainy! My son lies dead because of you! Now, revenge shall be mine! Cold as your corpse, and all the more flavoursome for it!

[Titus fights valiantly, but is eventually felled by the savage warriors]

Ace Hartstrum: Titus has fallen! Vengeance is mine at last!

Ace Hartstrum: But what is yonder scar upon his cheek? No, it cannot be. He was my son!

Ace Hartstrum:  Oh woe and wretched misery! I am undone! My heart breaks with grief. It has beat its last. Adieu unkind world! Adieu!

Note: The following extracts are based on the protagonist's [Hero's] survival and "interpretation of the role," rather than Morley's ending.

[Titus fights valiantly and kills the first wave of savage warriors]

Ace Hartstrum: More of my kin lie slain...and yet you live! You have breathed your last sulphur scented breath, Titus!

[Titus fights the second wave of savage warriors and kills them all]

Ace Hartstrum: All my men...dead. My vengeance denied. My world undone! I cannot stand to live one second more!


  • Titus the Mutilator is Ransom Locke's favourite Morley play. He even owned pyjamas that had the design of Titus's costume, as a boy.
  • Titus' name could be based on the William Shakespeare play "Titus Andronicus", which, like Morley's play, is considered to be the playwright's bloodiest and most violent work.
  • Despite the existence of "Titus the Mutilator, Part II," no mention is ever made of a "Titus the Mutilator, Part I."

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