Jack Timmins
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bowerstone Castle
Relationships Hero of Brightwall (Advisee)
Laylah (Student, Advisee)
Page (Ally)
Enemies Reaver
First Appearance Fable: Edge of the World
Last Appearance Fable: Edge of the World
Status Alive

Jack Timmins is a character in Fable: Edge of the World. He is an experienced member of the Albion Royal Army, captain of the royal guard, and completely loyal to the current Hero King, the Hero of Brightwall.

Having taken over the position of Walter Beck as leader of the Albion Royal Army, Jack Timmins and the Royal Army have helped usher Albion into an unprecedented golden age ten years after the Hero won the revolution against Logan and stopped the Crawler from destroying Albion. While his King leads an expedition into Samarkand to combat the returning forces of the Darkness, Timmins stays behind with the King's new wife and Albion's new Queen, Laylah. As the King fights the Darkness, Laylah, Timmins, and Page stay behind, struggling to protect Albion from those who would steal the throne, like Reaver. It is during this time that Timmins resolves to teach Laylah how to fight to protect herself, instructing her as his predecessor, Walter Beck, did for the Hero of Brightwall.

Unfortunately, while the Hero is out fighting in Samarkand, Reaver suddenly makes a return to Bowerstone and gets into Laylah's good graces, gradually undermining her rule and claiming power over Albion. In an attempt to stop Reaver, Timmins contacted Ed Wilkerson, acting mayor of Blackholm after Russell's departure, and the duo stored a cache of weapons at the local Black Horse Tavern for future use against either Reaver or the Darkness. Unfortunately, Reaver tracks Timmins down with a few of his soldiers in tow, who he convinced to work against their general after presenting forged documents that insinuated he sought the throne for himself. With permission from a flabbergasted Laylah, Reaver locks up both Timmins and Page, who he claimed was the general's accomplice.

However, when Laylah approached Page about her supposed betrayal, Page knocked her out, allowing both her and Timmins the chance to escape. When Reaver overthrows Laylah and secretly claims the power of the throne, Laylah resolves to help Jack Timmins and Page in any way that she can.


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