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FableIII tick
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Mourningwood Fort
Relationships Grove (Friend/Fellow Soldier)
Gould (Friend/Fellow Soldier)
Enemies Hollow Men
First Appearance Fable III
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Deceased
"They call me Tick, I'm like clockwork, see? Nothing to do with the bloodsucking insect. Honest."
— Tick, to the Hero

Tick is a character in Fable III. He is a soldier in Mourningwood Fort. He is first seen sitting around a campfire in the corner of the fort with Grove and Gould. After the Hero initiates the fight with the hollow men, Tick will fight the horde. He is killed in the battle.


  • Tick calls Grove a "sycophant" (also known as a suck-up) and is wrongly accused, by Grove, of making the word up.

Quotes Edit

"Hey, you're new, right? Bit of advice, don't eat the beans." -- Tick, to the Hero.

"You spoken to the captain there? I could have been captain, you know? I know how to read, too."

"We make it out of this alive, and I'm buying a farm. Well, a vegetable plot, at least."

"Don't you have anything better to do?"

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