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Thugs are villagers who appear in Fable II and Fable III. Both male and female, they will always be named '(Name) the Thug'. They have the same appearances are other villagers but are usually armed with rusty cutlasses. They are normally angry and aggressive and are commonly seen yelling at other citizens.

Fable II Edit

Thugs appear in many towns. If you hand the warrants over to Arfur in the Childhood quest at the beginning of Fable II, then Bowerstone Old Town will have two thugs wandering around. Bloodstone usually has two to four thugs wandering around, usually with two near Bloodstone Mansion and one or two down in the waterfront. Westcliff has the biggest population of thugs, sometimes seen with up to ten of them, but these villagers will disappear and never return if the Hero chooses to do the Westcliff Development quest.

Fable III Edit

In Fable III, a few thugs will appear in the City of Aurora. A large number will be present in the Mercenary Camp, but only if the camp has repopulated (by sparing Captain Saker or having the Understone DLC). Finally, unique thug villagers will begin appearing in the Silverpines camp if the player sides with Connor during the Stolen Statue quest. They will have the same appearances as other thugs, but if attacked, they will transform into balverines and attack the Hero and any other non-thug villagers.

Notes Edit

  • All thugs, both male and female, will usually have the same traits (aggressive, angry, etc.).
  • If you commit a crime, thugs will often attack you, but despite being armed, they are no more formidable than standard villagers.
  • The thug villagers who appear in Silverpines (who are really balverines) will not transform when attacked if the player marries one or otherwise leads them out of the region. Instead, they will become invincible.

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