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Three Haikus by Miko the Bard
Type Book
Source Heroes' Guild

Three Haikus by Miko the Bard is a book in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. Just as the name suggests, it contains three Haiku's, which are outlined in the section below. This book can be found on a bookcase in the Heroes' Guild.

Contents of BookEdit

Terrible beauty,
Building scream in agony,
Oakvale is burning.

Warrior or Mage,
Choose evil or choose goodness,
A beard or moustache.

Sword of Albion,
Sleeping until the true Blood,
Flows red on its blade


The three Haiku's seem to relate vaguely to the Hero of Oakvale's journey. The first Haiku is clearly about the Oakvale raids, evident through the line Oakvale is burning. The Oakvale raids, of course, was a pivotal moment in the Hero's life, as it thrust him violently into the world of Hero-ship - The Oakvale raids was the Hero's call to adventure.

The second Haiku refers to the actual journey, as well as the gameplay, in that the Hero (and the player) is in control. Warrior or Mage, evil or good, beard or moustache, these are all choices that are able to be made in the game.

The last Haiku makes reference to the ultimate boon of the game - the Sword of Aeons. The Sword of Aeons is the object of desire for the primary antagonist, Jack of Blades. This poem tells that the sword is sleeping, until the true blood flows red on its blade. The true blood refers to the ancient royal bloodline of the Old Kingdom, established by William Black, the first wielder of the Sword. This blood runs through the Hero of Oakvale. In that respect, this last haiku is particularly ominous.

These three poems in context, coupled with the fact that this book was obviously written before the Hero defeated Jack, lead the objective reader to believe that he may have possessed some prophetic power, perhaps similar to that of Theresa.

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