Theresa is a playable character in the XBL Arcade title, Fable Heroes. Although Theresa has made an appearance in every game in the Fable series, this is the first game that she is a playable character.


Theresa Fable Heroes

Theresa the Blind, Seer of Albion. Sister to the Hero of Oakvale and descendant of the Archons, countless tales have been told of this mysterious woman. Apparently ageless, Theresa is a Will user of exceptional power, though she rarely acts directly. Her blindness proved a boon to Hero Doll producers everywhere, to whom her traumatic childhood encounter with Jack of Blades represents a chance to sell a line of accessories. This Theresa Doll is the ‘Blindfold’ edition, though the ‘Hooded Robe’, ‘Party Grandma’ and ‘Chicken Princess’ versions are also popular.

— Description of Theresa from Fable Friday


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