Theresa's Fan Club is an organisation in Albion. Based in Bowerstone, the club is akin to that of a cult, all in support of the blind and immortal seeress, Theresa.

The group was co-founded by Bertie Knippet, and meets twice a month. At least once every month, the club stages re-enactments of Theresa's life which usually exaggerate her actual role. According to the club, rather than Jack of Blades being killed by the Hero of Oakvale, it was actually Theresa who defeated him by roundhouse kicking him in the face, a move which decapitated him. Similarly, the club claims it was in fact Theresa who defeated Lord Lucien Fairfax. The Hero of Bowerstone had tripped on a small rock and had been incapacitated, so Theresa arrived and roundhouse kicked Lucien's head off, too. The Spire was awarded to her for her actions, and she granted the Heroes Garth, Hammer, and Reaver wishes, thus making the world a better place.

Regarding Theresa's immortality, many members of the group appear to have theories on how she acquired it. Some believe she found a philosopher’s gallstone, whose magical properties endowed her with long life. Others speculate it was a divine gift that demonstrated her sainthood. The most popular theory is that she travelled to another planet, where a mighty alien race of intelligent moss, realising how much good she could do with her predictive powers, ensured that she would never die before returning her back to Albion.

The club has a rivalry with Bowerstone’s Anti-Theresa Society, a rival club within Bowerstone, founded by Reaver, who believe Theresa is Albion’s hidden dictator, manipulating individuals and events to suit her own nefarious plans.

The club was featured in some articles in the Bowerstone Times, written by Penelope Chumley.

Known Members Edit

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