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The Villian
Enemy Information
Games Fable Legends

The Villian is the primary antagonist in Fable Legends.


Heroes. Albion is full of them. Noxious, Do-gooding, meddlers who think waving pointy sticks in the air whilst looking good in leather is a calling. How tedious to spend your life camped firmly in the field of righteousness. Rescuing homely damsels, saving half-witted villagers, vanquishing the magnificently maleficent. Wouldn’t it would be much more fun to be the author of the doom of these annoying fools? Why not become the mastermind behind the many creatures, traps, hazards and foul things designed to relieve them of their pitiful lives?

As a Villain you aren’t crafting a thrilling narrative at the end of which a ‘band of brothers’ prove victorious. When those woeful wanderers enter an area, they’re on your home sod. And your goal is to defeat them by any means at your insidious disposal. Whether that’s with a well-timed fireball or invisible assassin, that’s up to you.

Perhaps you favour artistry and flair? Blinding your adversaries with a silent smoke bomb or sneaking a terrifying Goodfellow behind them. Or maybe you’re more of a do or die kind of villain? Wiping smug smirks off chiselled, heroic faces with a full frontal assault from your skullchucker army, or the crushing blow of a noggin.

Whatever your scheme, you will need all your cunning and guile to defeat them. After all, these are Heroes we’re talking about, not some ‘fresh off the farm’ villager.

Once the fight begins you’ll issue the orders for your creatures to execute: where to go, which Hero to attack and what abilities to use to ensure your evil plans come to fruition.


“Mothers’ care, lest babbies be, a wretched clot of villainee” Old Kingdom Saying


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