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The Teaser
The Teaser
Achievement icon Achievement Information
Gamerscore 5 Gamerscore
Description Make bandits respond to expressions with fear, anger, mirth, and confusion... during combat!

The Teaser is an achievement in Fable II worth 5 gamerscore points.

How to Obtain Edit

This one may take some time to obtain, as you must level up your Skill and your Will, as well as having the appropriate expressions. The only reason for the leveled up Skill and Will is that you have more time to execute your expressions, and reduce the damage you experience.

Go to Bandit Coast, or any other area that has a supply of bandits to start off. If you are skilled enough, use "Slow Time" and shoot the weapon from a bandit using "Precision Aiming." Then, use the correct expressions for fear, anger, mirth, and confusion.

It has been reported that many of the "flirty" expressions work well to satisfy all requirements. Also, it is not always apparent that they are 'responding' (as they do not react to expressions the way villagers do, and you do not see the love/hate/fear/attraction/funny/etc. icons appearing over their heads). However, all you need to do is keep trying different expressions and eventually, you'll know when they've "responded" enough. You WILL take a lot of damage while trying to unlock this achievement, no matter how leveled up you are (unless you have a really awesome glitch or are uncommonly fast), so it is recommended that you stock up on health potions and/or food and drink and try to do this when you have a relatively large health bar.

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