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The Storm
Type Stage of the Journey
(Chapter 1)
Preceding Learning the Ropes
Succeeding On the Run
Locations Reaver's Reach
Duncton's Halt
Collectables None

The Storm is the second stage of Fable: The Journey. After reuniting with the convoy on the Albion Way, Gabriel drifts off to sleep after being given the task of watching out for danger at the back of the convoy.

Walkthrough Edit

Gabriel awakens with a start — the storm that had been surrounding the Spire has drifted over the coast as the convoy approached Reaver's Reach, and Gabriel has been left behind again. Bring Seren up to a sprint and collect as many red Experience Orbs as you can. In addition to providing experience, these will recharge the stamina bar. A popup window shows that the convoy is already crossing the bridge; Katlan is looking around for Gabriel. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning strikes the bridge; Gabriel and Seren rush forwards, but the structure collapses, separating them from the convoy. Katlan says they will have to find another way around, and suggests the old route through Miremoor. Gabriel reluctantly heads through the tunnel towards Fairwood.

Continue along the road ahead, slowing down across the rough terrain to collect the blue Experience Orbs. Soon after the first patch of rough ground, the path splits. Choose either direction, as they will join up again shortly. You may need to counteract the wind along these trails by steering in the opposite direction. If you have managed to collect most of the Experience Orbs by this point, you will soon earn your first Upgrade Token. These can be used to improve your health, your horse, and later, your spells.

Once the paths rejoin each other, you enter the small village of Duncton's Halt, but it is deserted. A bolt of lightning strikes the ground in front of you and startles Seren. Gabriel dismounts to reassure her, but someone or something coming through the undergrowth towards them distracts him.

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