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The Steel Moon is a home in Bowerstone Old Town. It is located to the left of the guard tower where Derek the Guard asked you to collect the warrants during your childhood.


Base Value: 8400
Stars: 2stars
Address: 2 Market Walk, Bowerstone Old Town
History: During the construction of this house, the builders found a small deposit of a very rare metal, whose remarkable strength made ideal in the construction of armour.
Bonuses: Body Builder

Furniture Edit

  • Double Bed x1
  • Childs Bed x2
  • Bedside Table x3
  • Closet x3
  • Bookcase x3
  • Drawers x2
  • Dining Table x1
  • Cupboard x1
  • Stove x1
  • Sink x1
  • Comfy Chair x1
  • Dresser x1

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