The Spouse
Spouse Icon
Achievement icon Achievement Information
Gamerscore 10 Gamerscore
Description Marry a villager, or attend the wedding of another Hero.

The Spouse is an achievement in Fable II worth 10 gamerscore points.

How to Obtain Edit

This may be tricky to obtain, depending on how far into the game you have played, and your alignment. It will be easier for a good character, as their purity and kindness will tend to be higher.

Simply find an individual that you wish to marry (can be male or female), and woo them by using expressions, buying them gifts, and taking them to their favorite places. After they have fallen in love with you, a heart icon will appear above their head, indicating their desire for marriage.

Buy a ring from a local vendor (but be careful, as poor quality rings will only be rejected by your future spouse). Give the ring to your partner, and a silver ring icon will appear above their head. To seal the marriage, and make it official, you need to buy a house. Purchase a house you can afford, and set it as your marital home (you can always upgrade later, should you have decided to buy a cheap house).

Note that it is easier to complete this if you already have a purchased a home and a higher quality ring. This achievement may coincide with The Romantic, or even The Persuader.

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