The Spirit Chambers
Cave in Fairwood
FTJ Spirit Chambers
Location Information
Featured in Fable: The Journey
Related Quests To Heal and Destroy
Enemies Rockmites
NPCs Blaze
Exits Tor's Creek

The Spirit Chambers is an ancient temple within a cave, located in the base of the Mare's Teeth Hills in the Edgelands. The temple was built to protect an ancient artefact which has the power to both heal and destroy. In the centre of a large cavern stand the statues of three ancient Heroes who the temple was built for; Sol, Stone, and Blaze. Between them sits an autumnal tree and the Pool of Sight. The spirits of the Heroes guard the pool, and the artefact that lies within.

Cave of the Enlightened Edit

Deeper into the cavern, beyond the Pool of Sight, lies the home of the Enlightened, the followers of the three Heroes.

Fable: The Journey Edit

WARNING: This section or article may contain spoilers!

The Dweller known as Gabriel fled into the Spirit Chambers after being ambushed by The Devourer, a lieutenant of The Corruptor. Venturing within the chamber to find an artefact said to have the power to heal his wounded horse, Seren, Gabriel looks into the Pool of Sight to retrieve said artefact. He then experiences a vision of a potential future, one that Theresa says will occur if a Hero is not found to wield the artefact. He is then drawn into a spiritual realm within the pool, where the ancient Heroes set him a trial to see if he is worthy to use the artefact and defend Albion from Darkness.

Once Gabriel retrieves the gauntlet and heals his horse, he ventures with Theresa through a series of cave networks in an attempt to leave the Spirit Chambers. While crawling through these tunnels, the Dweller discovers that they are home to swarms of Rockmites. Using the newfound power of the gauntlets to dispatch of the Rockmites using Will, Gabriel finds a way out of the Spirit Chambers, departing with Theresa.

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