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Ship of the Drowned

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Ship of the Drowned
Quest Card Emblem
Type Gold Quest Icon Gold Quest
Preceding The Prophets of the Fire Heart
Succeeding Oracle of Snowspire
Start Lookout Point
End Hook Coast
Reward 5000 Gold
800 Renown
Trophies Map to Lost Bay
Boasts 0

Ship of the Drowned is a quest in Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary.

Description Edit

Use the Fire Heart to summon the Ship of the Drowned to take you to the Northern Wastes.

Walkthrough Edit

Ship of the Drowned

When you get the Fire Heart, take it to Hook Coast. When you arrive there will be a guard there that tells you that he has evacuated the city. Head towards the lighthouse, and when you get to the top, place the Fire Heart.

Briar Rose will call up to you, and tell you to head down to the bottom of the lighthouse. When you get there a summoner will appear and try to destroy the Fire Heart. Briar Rose will help you defeat the summoner and protect the Fire Heart, which needs time to warm up.
Hook Coast Summoner

A Summoner attacks the Hook Coast lighthouse

Unfortunately, more summoners will show up. You'll have to defeat around four summoners, and a few of their minions.

When you successfully protected the Fire Heart, the Ship of the Drowned will appear to take you to the Northern Wastes; you'll arrive at the Lost Bay (having grown a beard during the long trip).

Lore Edit

"When the Old Kingdom constructed the Hook Coast lighthouse, they did so to house a magical item known as the Fire Heart. The beating of its powerful pulse summoned a ship from the depths of time, sunken for millennia, with a crew of whispers. This ship could carry the traveller to any part of the world, no matter how remote or inaccessible. But it would take a steely soul to withstand the desperate solitude of the journey." --Oracle of Snowspire

The Ship of the Drowned is as legendary as it is mysterious. The ship was lost at sea during a fierce storm and sunk, taking her crew with it. The ship still bears the marks. Despite the immense damage and torn canvas, the ship still sails and is manned by the ghosts of its long dead crew. The ship is the only known way to get to the Northern Wastes while the Cullis Gates are inactive.

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