The Sandgoose Museum is a property sold in Fable III located in Understone. It is added with the purchase of the Understone Quest Pack DLC. You can either purchase this property or you will automatically own it depending on your decision at the end of the quest The Voice. When you return to Understone, after leaving, you can enter this property and use the hatch under the stairs to find a cellar containing a chest containing the rare clothing item, the Cook's Hat.

Stats Edit

Base value: 4,581 gold
Base income: 167 gold
Location: Understone. Third property to the left of the elevator.


  • This is one of many references to the mythical Sandgoose.
  • Upstairs there's a barber's chair with a trapdoor behind it, and a counter on the ground floor that sells pies. This is a reference to Sweeny Todd the Demon Barber.

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