The Repugnant
Achievement icon Achievement Information
Gamerscore 10 Gamerscore
Description Disgust five people while dressed as a Hollow Man, or see another Hero do so.

The Repungnant is a Fable II achievement awarded to the player if they disgust 5 people while wearing the hollow man costume or see another Hero do so. This achievement is worth 10 Gamerscore.

How to ObtainEdit

The hollow man costume is available through The Costume Party quest in Fable II's See the Future DLC. After finishing the quest, the costume will be in your inventory. Wear the costume and perform a crude expression (burp, for example) in order to disgust villagers. Once you disgust five, it will unlock the achievement. Alternatively, watching another player do this in a co op game will also get you the achievement.

Note: Vulgar thrust works well.

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