Weapon Information
Type Crossbow
Damage 119
Base Value 54000
Augmentations Ghoul
Acquisition Gargoyle's Trove
Rating 5stars
Ammo Capacity 1
Reload Time 0.75
Range 45.0

The Rammer is the only legendary crossbow in Fable II. The task to get the Rammer is simple, but long, and that is to find and destroy all 50 of the Gargoyles found in Albion. Once all fifty have been destroyed, take a trip to Bowerstone Market, and in the water under the bridge is a dive spot to Gargoyle's trove. Step on all five switches and walk on the invisible path created. Open the chest at the end to find the Gargoyles' sacred treasure, an apple. You've been tricked, the treasure isn't there, and the Gargoyles are laughing at you! Destroy the breakable wall behind the chest and follow the secret path to a room with all fifty Gargoyles congratulating you on finding the prize, a chest in the middle contains The Rammer.


The augments in this weapon inflict fire damage on your enemies, and allow you to drain the life of the targets you hit. This extraordinarily powerful crossbow belonged to the heroic farmer Sabre, who protected his land from bandits and invaders using the weapon he had constructed himself. It was said that a shot from the Rammer was like a stampede of wild animals crushing its target.


  • The Rammer is only available after beating the main quest.
  • The Rammer has a base damage of 119, this is 28 higher than the best non-legendary crossbow, the Heavy Master Crossbow.
  • On the nose of The Rammer, there is a display of a goat or ram, which is a reference to the weapon's name, or vice versa. This could also be a possible reference to the film 'Van Helsing', where the main character's crossbow also features the head of a ram.
  • This is the only legendary weapon that can heal you as you damage without the need for you to have the "Ghoul" Augment personally.
  • The Rammer as well as the Daichi both appear to have animal heads attached (the Daichi has a bird's head on the hilt).

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