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The Parent
Parent Icon
Achievement icon Achievement Information
Gamerscore 10 Gamerscore
Description Have a child, or be there for the birth of another Hero's child.

The Parent is an achievement in Fable II worth 10 gamerscore.

How to Obtain Edit

As the name of this achievement states, you must become a parent. To do this, you must be married, thus obtaining The Spouse achievement. To have a baby, you must woo your spouse into having sex with you in your marital home (use flirt expressions until you have convinced them). Your Hero must have already learnt the 'Come Back To My Place' expression to lead them to a suitable bed.

When the option for "protected" or "unprotected" sex comes up (only available if you have a condom in your inventory), choose "unprotected."

After waking up, you will be alerted with a message that you are going to have a baby.

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