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The Other Land
The Other Land
Type Book
Source Heroes' Guild bookshelf
Related Quests Book Collection
Base value Unknown

The Other Land is a book in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. It is found on a bookshelf within the Heroes' Guild.

Contents of BookEdit

During the Old Kingdom, people fled the hatred, the pain within Albion in their masses. Boats sped from the shores in every direction. And one group of emigrants pitched up in paradise. Warm seas, palm trees and coral sands beckoned. And the inhabitants welcomed the visitors with food, comfort and grace. But the people of Albion had headcolds and when they passed these onto the islanders, almost all of them died. And the Albion Settlers, not knowing how to farm the weird fruits, catch fish or hunt the wild pigs and chickens, died too. But the few islanders who survived buried the dead and rebuilt their paradise. With new, impenetrable beach defences.

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