The Nice House is a home in Bowerstone Market in Fable II. The Nice House is located next to the Plimpington Manor, and across the street from The Beautification Factory and Miracle Manor on the street leading to Fairfax Gardens. The house certainly lives up to its name, as its lower level is quite fetching, to say the least. It is sparsely decorated, save for the two trophy spaces on the wall next to the two comfy chairs that face toward the windows. Its front yard is rather pretty, containing a few trees and a stone well, with a few shingles missing off its makeshift roof. The Nice House has a chest in the third level of the house, which you reach by a ladder next to the desk, which is next to the first double bed.

Stats Edit

Base Value: 27,500 gold
Stars: 4stars
Address: 2 Posh Street, Bowerstone.
History: This was once the home of Lavender Nice, a woman as famous for her kindness as for her astounding beauty. Despite having hundreds of suitors, she was far too pure to marry. When she disappeared, still young enough to retain her looks, it was said that she had ascended to a higher plane of existence.
Bonuses: Do Gooder. Purification and Animal Magnetism.

Furniture Edit

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