The Near Tragedy of Oliver and Ethel is a play written by Philipth Morley and is regarded as being "one of Morley's greatest romantic plays". A scene from the play is performed by the Hero of Brightwall during the quest Missing Play. The scene which is acted out is hailed by Ransom Locke as being "a classic moment".

Notable CharactersEdit

  • Oliver - The male protagonist and lover and prospective husband of Ethel
  • Ethel - The beautiful, young daughter of a dung merchant and lover and prospective wife of Oliver.

Passage from the scene, (as written by Morley), performed in "Missing Play"Edit

Oliver: Oh Ethel. My light, my life, my sun. If thou would'st but give me one sign, one gesture that would speak of your afffections. Then might I think this grey existence worth living.

Ethel: My heart is yours, my love.

Oliver: Let the heavens and the seas, the toads and the eels sing the song in my heart! For she doth love me, and all is well. We shall meet again in the 'morrow, my little ferret. And elope into the sunset, to live out our days in wondrous joy!

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