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The Luminous Lodge is a home in Bowerstone Market in Fable II. It is directly west of the Central Clock Tower, located between Potion in Motion and Fiction Burns. It is a rather nice home, with few decorations and a lovely lower level, but like most houses in Bowerstone, the paint on the walls are peeling.This house is bought by players starting a family and want a nice,cheap and decent house.They may also buy it for Purity and a little Renown.

Stats Edit

Base Value: 4,320 gold
Stars: 3stars
Address: 2 Market Square, Bowerstone
History: This was, for a short while, the home of Albert the Luminous, the man who would eventually find the Temple of Light. His stay in Bowerstone coincided with a very dark period of Albert's life, one which led him to the brink of despair. When he left on a pilgrimage, few thought that he would become the famous man that he did.
Bonuses: Five Minutes of Fame, Purification

Furniture Edit

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