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The Last Role of the Dice is a ten-part Fable-world short story by Lionhead writer Mark Hill. The story is presented in the style of AdventureQuest and A Hero's Journey, and was posted on Lionhead Studios' website. At the end of each part, readers were given the opportunity to vote on what happens next in a poll.

Synopsis Edit

Ben Finn wakes up with a splitting headache, a hangover, two six-sided dice, and a vague memory of being asked to go to Brightwood in order to save the world.

Entries Edit

  • Part 1 - Who are you and what the hell are you doing here?
  • Part 2 - You’re Ben Finn, but how did you end up in this shabby inn room?
  • Part 3 - You’ve only had your memory back a few seconds and already you’re being attacked by thugs.
  • Part 4 - After escaping a sticky situation, you need to find a quiet place to roll your dice.
  • Part 5 - The dice have spoken. You must get to Brightwood Tower and defeat the demonic presence there.
  • Part 6 - You’ve arrived in Brightwood only to be met by banshees.
  • Part 7 - An evil presence awaits you in the tower, but first you have a door to open.
  • Part 8 - Surrounded by homicidal chests, you must escape Garth's magical room.
  • Part 9 - You’ve finally found the demon. Now you just have to kill it.
  • Part 10 - Is this the end of Ben Finn?

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