The Knuckles is a home located in Bowerstone Old Town in Fable II. It is the first house on the left upon entering from Bowerstone Market. It has two apple trees and a nice, flower blooming garden in the front of the house. It also has a cellar nearby on the left of the building (when facing the front of the house). Inside it is furnished with a variety of furniture of an average quality with a small fireplace on the left hand wall on the bottom floor (as you are walking into the house) along with an upper floor. Fairly spacious on both the bottom and top floors, there is also a door opening up to a balcony on the upstairs floor.


Base value: 3,360 gold
Stars: 2stars
Address: 1 Market Walk
History: In this house lived the three most trusted members of the Felling gang, brothers who shared the same love of violence and the same lack of good looks. They were responsible for carrying out the dirtiest jobs, no matter how tough.
Bonuses: Tough as Nails, Troll Face


Total: 18 pieces

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