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The Ice Maiden

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The Ice Maiden
Ice Maiden
Weapon Information
Type Pistol
Damage 21 - 97
Base Value 11900
Augmentations Man-Hater, Sledger, Seduction
Acquisition Uncommon Weapon Location
Rating Uncommon

The Ice Maiden is a legendary pistol in Fable III. It may be found in one of the seven random weapon locations.


The infamous assassin Scarlet Frost used the Ice Maiden to liquidate any men who stood in her way, and a few who were not in her way but had made inappropriate remarks.

Base DamageEdit

Star Level012345
Damage 21 3141 50 74 97

NOTE: This is based on the star level of the weapon. Does NOT factor in Strength (Swords, Hammers) or Stature (Pistols, Rifles) multiplier and/or bonuses from Augments.


Bonus Name Objective Reward
Man-Hater Kill 200 (150) men. +15 Extra Damage
Sledger Earn Guild Seals from evil expressions. + Shotgun Spray
Seduction Have sex with men 15 times. + Flame Damage

Any figures in brackets are where the PC version has reduced requirements.

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