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The House of the Ghostly Puffin is a home in Bowerstone Market in Fable II. It is located opposite of the Vestry Manor and next to Miracle Manor, on the road leading to Fairfax Gardens. The House of the Ghostly Puffin is an okay house, it has a lived in feel, with slight damage to the wall adjacent to the stairwell. The house also has a balcony with a chest on the far right of it.

Stats Edit

Base value: 18,000 gold
Stars: 3stars
Address: 5 Posh Street, Bowerstone
History: Locals believe this house to be haunted by the spirit of a long-dead puffin. Rather than frightening its residents with nightmares however, the puffin is said to bring extremely peaceful and restful dreams.
Bonuses: Health Bonus

Furniture Edit

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