The House of Plenty is a home in Bowerstone Market in Fable II. It is located down the street left of the The Cow & Corset, and is opposite of Scum House. The second level of the house has been turned into an art studio, which holds several easels and finished paintings, and even a couple of sculptures, but oddly is otherwise sparsely furnished.

Stats Edit

Base value: 3,600 gold
Stars: 1star
Address: 1 Slum Street, Bowerstone
History: Once the home of Alberta Givings, a woman of such generosity she could not help sharing whatever she had with those less fortunate than her. Food, gold and lodging could always be found here, but Alberta herself was so pure, not even the lowest scum in Bowerstone could bring themselves to take advantage of her, meaning that only the truly benefited from her kindness
Bonuses: Purification

Furniture Edit

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