The House of Goodwill is a house located in Bowerstone Old Town

Stats Edit

Base Value: 3600 Gold

Stars: 2stars

Address: 3 Lookout Way, Bowerstone Old Town

History: At the same time that crimelord Jeremiah Felling was plotting his activities next door, a most unassuming and pious couple by the name of Heap lived here. Though they passed much of their lives unnoticed, the beggars and homeless people of Old Town always knew they'd be welcome with a bowl of soup.

Bonuses: Purification

Furniture Edit

  • Double Bed x 1
  • Childs Bed x 2
  • Bedside Table x 2
  • Drawers x 2
  • Closet x 1
  • Sink x 1
  • Stove x 1
  • Comfy Chair x 2
  • Dining Table x 1
  • Cupboard x 1
  • Dresser x 1

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