The Hook is a house in Bloodstone, situated directly behind the Bloodstone Fruit & Veg Stall. Next to it is a storage house for boats.

Stats Edit

Base value: 6,000 gold
Stars: 2stars
Address: 10 Bloodstone Hill, Bloodstone
History: This was the home of Captain Sorrow, who continued to board ships well into his nineties, thanks to an inexhaustable supply of health potions he took as bounty from one of his early raids. It is said that only Captain Dread was more vicious a pirate.
Bonuses: Health Bonus, Mask of Evil

Furniture Edit

  • Drawers x3
  • Closet x1
  • Double Bed x1
  • Bedside Table x1
  • Childs Bed x2
  • Sink x1
  • Dining Table x1
  • Cupboard x1
  • Dresser x1
  • Stove x1

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