The Gauntlet is a legendary weapon that appears in the novel Fable: The Balverine Order. One of the three icons of the Triumvirate, an unnamed (A tradition among Will-Users) gauntlet that originally belonged to the Sutcliff Hero of Will.

After the Triumvirate was defeated by an unknown force of evil, the three Heroes took their weapons and, after imbuing their knowledge and experience of their respective Hero disciplines, entombed themselves deep within the confines of the Sutcliff Guild Hall. As control of the hall passed from one evil force to another, the Heroes' bodies and their Icons remained untouched, protected by a powerful ward that kept the evil at bay as they awaited worthy successors.

The last person judged worthy to bear the gauntlet was James Skelton. Using the knowledge and memories imbued inside the weapon, James was able to utilize his innate will abilities to conjure a variety of powerful spells as he fought against the members of the Balverine Order including Raise Dead, Time Control, Shock, Inferno, and Blades.

Like the other icons, the knowledge and power imbued into the Gauntlet is limited, and if that power is expended before it is returned to the Sutcliff Hero of Will's body it loses all its power. Consequently, James reluctantly returned the gauntlet to its resting place after the battle against the Balverines of Elderwood.


  • Due to his evil alignment, James was able to conjure the Drain Life spell.
  • It is mentioned in Fable III. In the Bowerstone Castle there is a library with 4 statues. Activating these statues tells the story of the Triumvirate and their created weapons: A sword, Gauntlet and pistol.

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