The Gargoyles
Type Side Quest
Preceding Hero must have the Aimed Ranged Attack Dexterous Style
Succeeding None
Start Anywhere you destroy your first gargoyle
End Gargoyle's trove
Reward Dog Tricks! The Growl
Potion of Life
Emerald (x3)
10,000 gold
Ghoul Augment
Rotten Apple
The Rammer

In Fable II there are 50 stone Gargoyles. After obtaining the Aimed Ranged Attack Dexterous Skill they will start to mock you incessantly when you get near them until you shoot them. After shooting the first one you receive the Gargoyle Map that tells you the location to The Gargoyle's Trove in the river at Bowerstone Market, though the location is available to you before this.

As you venture though Albion and encounter and subsequently shoot them, various rewards await you in the Trove.

Quest DescriptionEdit

Throughout your journeys in Albion you will come across numerous Gargoyles. Destroy them all to receive a special reward.

Tasks and Rewards

  • Destroy at least 10 gargoyles.
  • Go to the gargoyle cave (receive book Dog Tricks! The Growl)
  • Destroy at least 20 gargoyles.
  • Go to the gargoyle cave (receive a Potion of Life)
  • Destroy at least 30 gargoyles.
  • Go to the gargoyle cave (receive 3 Emeralds)
  • Destroy at least 40 gargoyles.
  • Go to the gargoyle cave (receive 10,000 Gold)
  • Destroy all 50 gargoyles.
  • Go to the gargoyle cave (receive Ghoul Augment)
  • Go to the gargoyle cave (receive The Rammer)


Gargoyle Locations can be found here


Behind each treasure chest there is a pressure plate that lengthens the light-bridge between the entrance and the chest in the far back of the room. Upon opening it, you discover that it contains a joke treasure in the form of a Rotten Apple.

You hunted down every gargoyle in Albion for this?! There must be something else in this cave...

Bust through the wall behind the chest and follow the path to the real treasure, a crossbow called The Rammer. This will also unlock the achievement The Gargoyle.

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