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The Forge of Fire
Type Stage of the Journey
(Chapter 2)
Preceding Death in the Afternoon
Succeeding Reunions and Partings
Locations The Forge of Fire

The Forge of Fire is the penultimate stage of Chapter 2 of Fable: The Journey. After traversing the eastern portion of Thorndeep, Gabriel and Theresa, along with their companion Fergus, arrive at the Forge of Fire to claim the Willstone of Blaze.

Story Edit

The seer Theresa brought Gabriel to the Forge of Fire in an attempt to claim the Willstone of Blaze in order to gain enough power to defeat The Corruptor, who was at long last threatening to enter Albion once more. After fighting off the balverines alongside Fergus, Gabriel entered the temple and was promptly greeted by the two caretakers there, the wisps Bob and Finley. Using the power of the gauntlets, Gabriel managed to carve his way through the new occupants and solved the puzzles, escaping with the Willstone. He bade a fond farewell to the two wisps before leaving.

Walkthrough Edit

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