The Flirtroom is a home in Oakfield, which requires the Defender of the Light quest to be done. It is located a bit at the back of the other new houses and it faces the newly made garden.

Stats Edit

Base Value: 4800 gold
Stars: 2stars
Address: 3 Orchard Road, Oakfield
History: Here lived Gavin Pout, master flirter and womaniser. His rugged good looks and winning personality made him the envy of all other men in Oakfield, who eventually dragged him out of his bed one night, put a sack over his head and threw him in the Rookridge gorge.

The burlap sack he's in can be found hanging from the ceiling inside the house.
Bonuses: Animal Magnetism

Furniture Edit

  • Double Bed x1
  • Childs Bed x1
  • Bedside Table x1
  • Drawers x3
  • Closet x2
  • Dresser x1
  • Sink x1
  • Bookcase x3
  • Dining Table x1
  • Cupboard x1

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