The Final Lap House is a house located in Bowerstone Market in Fable II. It is near the entrance to Bowerstone Old Town.

Stats Edit

Base value: 4,200 gold
Stars: 3stars
Address: 2 Middle Street, Bowerstone Market
History: Better known for being the home of Brent Lightning, the fastest man ever to race through the roads of Albion. It is said he once threw a coin in the air here, did two laps of Bowerstone, and returned in time to catch it.
Bonuses: Speed Boost
Notes: The third most valuable home featuring the Speed Boost bonus, possessing the same number of upgradeable furniture than the next closest home (The Pit) as well as a greater number of stars, it is situated in an area with an easily raised economy. It is the second most valuable speed boosting home to possess no perceived penalties whatsoever and possesses a Child's Bed (something Bloodstone Mansion doesn't).
Speed Boost Homes: Bloodstone Mansion, The Beating Heart, The Final Lap House, The Pit, The Invisible Hand and Manure Manor.

Furniture Edit

  • Double Bed x1
  • Childs Bed x1
  • Bedside Table x2
  • Closet x2
  • Drawers x2
  • Bookcase x3
  • Comfy Chair x1
  • Dining Table x1
  • Dresser x1
  • Cupboard x1
  • Sink x1
  • Stove x1
  • Desk Table x1

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