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The Feathered Avenger
The Feathered Avenger
Species Chicken
First Appearance Fable III - A Day at the (Chicken) Races
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive
"This enigmatic bird is also known as 'He-Who-Kicks-People', 'Corn's Worst Nightmare', and 'The Hero Chaser'. The Feathered Avenger has many names, but only one speed: fast. Unless he's having an off day, in which case he has two speeds, but the second is nearly as fast as the first, so you'd hardly notice."
— Horace

The Feathered Avenger is one of the five chickens able to be betted on in A Day at the (Chicken) Races. It is described as having nicknames, and is the chicken that wins the most often. Despite the odds, the Hero does not earn a 6:5 ratio on the bet, sometimes getting over double of the bet money paid out.

Odds: 6:5 (10,000 Gold wager pays 22,000 Gold)

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