The Dollcatcher
Achievement icon Achievement Information
Gamerscore 10 Gamerscore
Description Collect all the Hero dolls, or see another Hero collect them.

The Dollcatcher is an achievement in Fable II worth 10 gamerscore points.

How to ObtainEdit

You must collect all 6 of the Hero Dolls. Unfortunately only one Hero Doll is found in each characters world, so one must trade through Xbox Live to collect all of the dolls. A player who already has all six dolls in their inventory can unlock this achievement for someone else by inviting them into their game and then, while playing co-op, go to a gifts stall or shop and sell one of the dolls and then buy it back. The henchman will gain the achievement and the host will not need to lose or give away any of their dolls.

You can gain one from the Westcliff Shooting Range by gaining 150-175 points.

As of the release of See the Future, two additional dolls can be found; one in the Snowglobe Village by the Shadow Court and one in the Celestial Keep on the route to the Last Beacon.

The Hero Doll can only be collected at by playing the mini adventure, but you must make certain morale choices to get certain prizes at the end. The adventure can be done many times. Just make sure you are not logged in first so you can try it over and over and make certain you are getting the right choices down! Then sign in, do the game and it will send them to the chest in the Chamber of Fate.

  • Note: This site is no longer available and this doll must be acquired as a gift through on-line gameplay.

The dolls are as follows:

Hero Doll (This doll can be bought in/from any General Goods or Gift Trader/Shop once it has been acquired from the chest in the Heroes Guild.)

Lucien Doll

Hammer Doll

Garth Doll

Theresa Doll

Reaver Doll

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