The Dingly Egg
The Dingly Egg
Type Object
Source Celestial Keep
Base value 5 gold
Stars 1star

The Dingly Egg is an item appearing in the Fable II DLC See the Future. The egg is found on a skeleton after passing through the stone gates (which resemble the "Henges" of Stonehenge) in the swampy area of the Celestial Keep and is needed to open the entrance to Dingly Burrow. It is mentioned, along with the directions to unlock it, in the book The Grumpy Rabbit.

Order of gates
  • The archway to the far left, where the Murgo statue is found.
  • The archway covered in ivy.
  • The archway in front of the tree stump.
  • Far to the right there's an archway with a skeleton sitting on a rock. If done correctly, it will now be holding The Dingly Egg.

The egg will disappear if you unlock it but do not collect it before you complete The Costume Party quest.


An oddly colourful egg. What wondrous chicken could have laid this?


  • The egg bears a striking resemblance to a Precursor Orb from Naughty Dog's Jak and Daxter series.
  • It is likely that the egg itself is a parody of Easter Eggs, hidden jokes and cultural references inserted in video games and other media by the makers.
  • The egg appears in Fable III during the quest The Pen is Mightier... along with other memorabilia from the Fable series. Next to it is a sign that reads, "The Dingly Egg. Sadly, no specimen of the chicken it came from has ever been found."

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