The Death Factory is a house in Bloodstone. It is the nearest house to Bloodstone Mansion, located on the left of the final stretch of road.

Stats Edit

Base value: 4,000 gold
Stars: 1star
Address: 7 Bloodstone Hill, Bloodstone
History: Sailors who did not perform well during an outing were not thrown into the to drown: they were brought to this house, where a man who claimed to be a doctor would 'treat' them until they begged for death.
Bonuses: Do Gooder

Furniture Edit

  • Bookcase x3
  • Closet x2
  • Childs Bed x1
  • Bedside Table x2
  • Drawers x2
  • Double Bed x1
  • Dresser x1
  • Stove x1
  • Cupboard x1
  • Sink x1

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