Disambiguous This article is about the achievement in Fable III. For the location, see The Dark Sanctum.
The Dark Sanctum
Achievement icon Achievement Information
Gamerscore 10 Gamerscore
Description Reinstate an ancient, evil temple.

The Dark Sanctum is an achievement in Fable III. It requires the player to reinstate the Dark Sanctum by completing the side quests Peace, Love, and Homicide, Excavation, Awakening, and Leverage.


  • Complete the main quest up to The Bowerstone Resistance, at which point the quest Peace, Love, and Homicide will become available in Mourningwood.
  • Complete Peace, Love, and Homicide, Excavation, Awakening, and Leverage. Upon completing a quest, allow one in-game day to pass for the next quest to become available. The achievement will unlock once the final quest, Leverage, has been completed.

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