The Credits
Light Albion
See who is behind the world of Fable Heroes... and there's a special treat in store for the true Fable fan. Thecreditsicon
Level Information
Enemies Minions
White Balverines
Hollow Men
Sand Furies
King Chicken
Boss Fight King Chicken
Mini-Game None
Medal Scores
Bronze Quest Icon 10000 Silver Quest Icon 28000 Gold Quest Icon 55000
World Map Board
Previous Level Aurora
Next Level Dark Albion (Millfields)
Special Tiles Trophies
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The Credits is a level in Fable Heroes. The level is made up of scenes showing key moments from the Fable series from beginning to present.

Level Breakdown Edit

  • Oakvale: The starting area is Oakvale, following the bandit raid.
  • Heroes' Guild: A Power-Up Chest sits in the garden of the Heroes' Guild. The Sword in the Stone is also nearby.
  • Chamber of Fate: Minions attack in this recreation of the battle against Jack of Blades.
  • Bowerstone Old Town: This recreation of Fable II's Childhood is invested with white balverines. There is a Power-Up Chest here as well.
  • Gypsy Camp: Beetles dressed as letters attack in the model Gypsy Camp. A Power-Up Chest can be found in front of Theresa.
  • Hero Hill: This is a recreation of the Weapon scene in Fable II.
  • Bowerstone Castle (2 waves): A pack of balverines drops into the castle garden. A Power-Up Chest is nearby.
  • Dweller Camp: A group of ice furies appears out of the ground in this recreation of the Fable III Dweller Camp. There is another Power-Up Chest here.
  • The Hole: The hobbes of The Hole reappear, dressed as letters. A Power-Up Chest is behind them.
  • Mourningwood Fort: Hollow men play a key part in this recreation of The Hollow Legion. The Power-Up Chest is below Sir Walter and Ben Finn.
  • Bowerstone Industrial: A group of colins interrupts the worker demonstration in front of Reaver's factory. A Power-Up Chest lies just before this area.
  • City of Aurora: A group of sand furies has invaded the peaceful city. A Power-Up Chest sits just beyond the initial fight area.
  • Break Time!: But not in the same way as usual...

King Chicken Edit

Beware the King Chicken Boss! It's clucking huge!

Out of the egg pops King Chicken. He attacks with a peck attack and a gust attack. When his health gets below three quarters, he uses an attack that summons a number of eggs which hatch into hostile chickens. These can be killed for coins. When his health gets below one quarter, he gains an additional attack in the form of a fire breath. The two Power-Up Chests respawn after 50 seconds.

Scores Edit

Die Rolls Coins
1 1000
2 11000
3 20000
4 30000
5 45000
Medal Coins
Bronze 10000
Silver 28000
Gold 55000

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