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The Counterfeit Warrior
Type Expression Manual
Effects Teaches Feign Attack expression
Base value 600 gold

The Counterfeit Warrior is an expression book, which will teach the Hero the expression Feign Attack.

It is found on, where you must complete the puppet show, and choose the decadent, evil king crown. You must then go to the Chamber of Fate, in the Guild Cave, and open the chest which previously said: "To learn how to receive items that your heroic ancestors left behind, go to".

WARNING! If you want the rest of the rewards from the puppet show and the chicken kicking game, DO NOT open the chest until you have received all the items you want.

NOTE!: puppet show is working but NO LONGER provides items for the chest. You will recieve an error message after completing the puppet show. However, the latest Fable 2 updates incorporate most of the rewards you would have found in the chest into the main game. You can find everything except Hal's Outfit in the game, now. Usually, they are given as gifts.

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