The Cloud
Light Albion
Every Hero should spend some time with their head in the clouds! Thecloudicon
Level Information
Enemies Mini Balverines (Silverpines)
Beetles (Cottage)
Skeleton Hobbes (Cemetery)
Hollow Men (Graveyard)
Snollow Men (Mountain)
Hobbes (Brightwall)
Mini Lava Trolls (Cave)
Mini-Inions (Mine)
Clockwork Beetles (Industrial)
Colins (Market)
Sand Furies (City)
Minions (Oasis)
Hobbe Jockeys
Ice Furies
Jack O' Lanterns
Son of Chesty
Boss Fight None
Mini-Game None
Medal Scores
Bronze Quest Icon 10000 Silver Quest Icon 35000 Gold Quest Icon 65000
World Map Board
Previous Level Mistpeak
Next Level None

The Cloud is a level in Fable Heroes. It consists of an amalgamation of the rest of the levels in the game scattered across a cloud field. Each new area is reached by a cullis gate from the previous area.

Level Breakdown Edit

There is one round of enemies and one Power-Up Chest in each area, except for the start and finish areas. The list of enemies can be found in the infobox.

  • Start Area: These cullis gates lead to replications of the Millfields level. Left takes you to an area reminiscent of Silverpines. Right takes you to a Cottage.
  • Millfields: These cullis gates lead to parts of the Gravestone level. Left takes you to the Cemetery road, and right takes you to the middle of the Graveyard.
  • Gravestone: These cullis gates connect to the Mistpeak level. Left goes to the Mountain, and right goes to Brightwall.
  • Mistpeak: These cullis gates take you to Hobbe Caves. Left leads to the Lava Cave, right leads to the Mine.
  • Hobbe Caves: Taking the cullis gate from here deposits you in Bowerstone. Enter the one on the left to reach Industrial. The one on the right leads to Market.
  • Bowerstone: The cullis gates at the end of Bowerstone lead to Aurora. The gate on the left leads to the City, while the one on the right leads to an Oasis.
  • Aurora: There is only one cullis gate at the end of these areas. These lead to the final zone.
  • Final Area: Numerous waves of all sorts of enemies appear here, including a Son of Chesty boss.

Scores Edit

Die Rolls Coins
1 1000
2 11000
3 30000
4 40000
5 55000
Medal Coins
Bronze 10000
Silver 35000
Gold 65000

Notes Edit

  • More coins can be obtained by destroying the parcels, urns, crates, fences and barrels scattered around the level.

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