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The Bennett House is a house in Bowerstone Old Town located on the road to the lookout.

Stats Edit

Base Value: 3600
Star Rating: 2stars
Address: 1 Lookout Way, Bowerstone Old Town
History: Benjamin Bennett, a dandy with such stylishness and good fashion sence that even the manliest men couldn't help but admire him, lived here once. For Benjamin, such a simple activity as walking down the street for a pint of milk could be turned into a work of art by virtue of wearing the right hat, or simply adjusting his gait to best catch the sunlight at that particular time of day.
Bonuses: Animal Magnetism

Furniture Edit

  • Double Bed x 1
  • Bedside Table x 2
  • Childs Bed x 1
  • Closet x 2
  • Drawers x 2
  • Bookcase x 2
  • Cupboard x 2
  • Stove x 1
  • Dining Table x 1
  • Comfy Chair x 1

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