The Beating Heart is a house in Bowerstone Market in Fable II. It is right before you go to Bowerstone Old Town, to the right of the gate on the elevated platform.

Stats Edit

Base value: 5,880 gold
Stars: 3stars
Address: 5 Middle Street, Bowerstone
History: Jeff Lightning, whose brother and Albion speed record holder Brent lived on the same street, owned this house until his death. Though he possessed velocity comparable to Brent, Jeff suffered from a weak heart. Whenever he tried to match his brother in races, his irregular heartbeat took away a little bit more of his life until one day, there was no more left to take.
Bonuses: Speed Boost and Health Penalty
Notes: It is the second most valuable home featuring the Speed Boost bonus, though it has one of the most noticeable penalties as well. It possesses a higher base value than all other speed houses (with exception to Bloodstone Mansion), and also contains a Child's Bed.
Speed Boost Homes: Bloodstone Mansion, The Beating Heart, The Final Lap House, The Pit, The Invisible Hand and Manure Manor.


Total: 22 pieces

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