Disambiguous This article is about the Teddy Bear trophy in Fable III. For the Teddy Bear trophy in Fable II, see "AAA" Teddy Trophy.
Teddy Bear Trophy
Teddy Bear Trophy
Type Trophy
Source Godwin Estate
Base value 1,000 gold

The Teddy Bear is a trophy in Fable III that can be earned by the Hero, as a part of the Traitor's Keep DLC. After the main quest, when visiting the hobbe party room inside of the Godwin Estate, if the Hero turns on the juke box they have sixty seconds to kill as many hobbes as possible. If a score over 101 is achieved the Hero is awarded a Teddy Bear as a trophy. It can be viewed in the Sanctuary with the other trophies, or can be placed in a property to increase its value.

Notes Edit

The hobbe killing mini-game may not appear if your game was not started after downloading the Traitor's Keep DLC. This bug is similar to the problem earning the achievement Set Them Free! whereby the game must be started after acquiring the DLC.

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