Fable 3 - Technician's Key
The Technician's Key is found in The Hole, after defeating the hobbes in the Mistpeak Monorail quest in Fable III. It is used at the Technician's Gate, through which is a Silver Key.


A Reaver Industries monorail technician's master key. For official use only.


  • The chest containing this key is found by passing over the bridge and following the path to left.
  • If you chose to, you can go all the way back through the cave and collect the silver key, two dig spots and a chest, without fighting any enemies as long as you do not exit into Mourningwood. Walter will follow you and say nothing or nearly nothing. But be wary, your controller will shudder when you get near the locked gate. Otherwise you must then wait until after you defeat Lt. Simmons at the Mourningwood Fort.

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