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The Tart Skirt (also known as Strumpet Skirt at Brightwood Demon Door) can be purchased in Bloodstone and Knothole Island it is used by prostitutes.


  • Outfit Description

Guaranteed to highlight anyone's natural assets.

Base Value:160
Rating: 3stars

(Male only) Cross-Dressing: 10%


  • The Tart Skirt is one of the items you need to open the Brightwood Demon Door.
  • All pieces of the Harlot Outfit, except the gloves, can be found within the Cursed Snowglobe (part of the See the Future DLC). To acquire it, proceed through the Snowglobe Village until you reach the path with fields of wheat on either side. Then, turn right into one of the fields, and then right again in the direction of a bridge. On your way there, you will see a chest behind some rocks (if your dog has a high enough treasure hunting skill he should point it out to you). The set is within the chest.

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